Em um mundo em constante mutação, as equipes de Comunicação têm um papel-chave. Sua missão é aumentar a conscientização, garantir a reputação da L'Oréal a longo prazo e construir a imagem do Grupo e suas marcas.



In a world that is constantly changing, Communication teams play a key role. Their mission is to increase awareness, ensure long-term reputation and build up the image of the L’Oréal group and its brands.

Nowadays a brand or a group’s reputation accounts for 75% of its value and persuasion and influence are becoming ever-more decisive in buying. The challenge for brands is therefore to have effective communications that will make them stand out in a saturated environment.

Moreover, with the ever-greater number of information sources and channels, media relations, public relations and special events are now only one aspect of working in communication for L’Oréal. The trend is towards multi-channel strategies that include communication 2.0/social media and multi-targets (journalists, bloggers, influencers, celebrities, consumers, the scientific community, employees and other influencers) who use the entire range of communications tools, partnerships, events, sponsorship, media relations, CSR, crisis management, public affairs, etc. to increase awareness of the group and its brands.